Our Approach

To be successful, your investments must be aligned with your financial plan. This is the approach we take at Wingate.

With our core principle of capital preservation, we take a conservative approach to your investment portfolio with clear focus on long-term performance.

We review portfolios regularly, automatically rebalance as necessary and stay in touch with you to ensure your investments remain aligned with your financial plan, your goals and your life.



Financial planning is a dynamic process, not a one time event. In the years to come, we’ll review your financial plan often to ensure it captures any changes in your life, your goals and, of course, economic conditions.


Creating a plan for your retirement now means making your money last for later. We help our clients determine how much cash flow they will need and how to plan for a secure and comfortable retirement.


An investment portfolio is always aligned with your personal goals and your specific situation. We develop and implement an action plan that is both comprehensive and customized to your specific needs.