Investment Management

We can aid you in meeting your financial goals through your investments. With our own experienced portfolio managers and research department, we can design portfolios to align with your financial plan. We then monitor them to help you stay on track.

While each client has an investment portfolio created to meet their specific needs, goals, risk tolerance level and time horizon, our investment philosophy is applied equally to all clients and all portfolios.

The thinking we apply to every client’s portfolio:

  1. Take a long term view. Successful investing requires discipline, patience and time.
  2. Build a well-diversified portfolio across multiple asset classes. This is the investment equivalent of not putting all your eggs in one basket.
  3. Avoid unnecessary risk. Each client’s portfolio is designed to help that client meet their financial goals. We will not take risk beyond what is required.
  4. Choose high quality investments and investment managers to populate each asset class. We screen the thousands of available options to select those we think have the best chance for success over time.
  5. Monitor selected investments and investment managers to ensure they are meeting our expectations. Make changes when they do not.
  6. Rebalance portfolios only when necessary. Rebalancing too often can reduce potential returns and increase trading expenses.
  7. Minimize investment management fees. Fees reduce returns so keeping them low helps boost portfolio performance.
  8. Minimize taxes to help you keep as much of your money as possible.

Time-Tested Success

Having a time-tested investment philosophy helps guide our investment decisions and keep our client’s needs sharply in focus.