Retirement Planning

The Path to Retirement

No matter where you are on the path to retirement, we are here to help. Perhaps you are a young family wondering how to balance the costs of daily life with retirement saving. Or maybe retirement is right around the corner, and you are wondering if you have saved enough to continue your lifestyle without a paycheck.

Creating a Plan

Creating a plan for your retirement now means making your money last for later. We help you determine how much cash flow you will need and how to plan for a secure and comfortable retirement. Using our leading edge and highly interactive financial planning software, we’ll create a customized retirement plan so you can see and compare actual scenarios and numbers that are distinct to you.

Daring to Dream

Our conversations will go beyond money to include the goals and dreams you envision for your retirement. We will help you understand what is possible and where you might need to make adjustments. Just as no professional career is exactly the same, each retirement is unique. With Wingate, the guidance you receive is individually focused on you and where you want your post-working years to take you.

Living in Retirement

Once you have entered retirement, our conversation continues. Perhaps plans or circumstances change. Maybe you want to make a big purchase or provide financial gifts to grandchildren. We will be ready to meet and adapt your plan as needed so you can get back to enjoying your retirement.

Start Planning Your Future Today